mánudagur, 28. mars 2016

þriðjudagur, 8. mars 2016

Birds at sea

Great Northern Diver in winter attire


Eider ducks
Geese flying a night's lodging

Small birds

mánudagur, 7. mars 2016

Angling in Iceland

For a small fee you can get a fishing license in many lakes

The catch is mostly small trout, but ideal for the whole family

It can be beautiful with many Icelandic lakes. This photo is taken in Hvalfjörður / Whalefjord.
For children is  fishing like adventure

þriðjudagur, 1. mars 2016

Icelandic Hens in backyard

Icelandic chickens have many types of color This rooster is light with dark speckles.
It is believed that the Icelandic chicken strain has been with the Norwegian Vikings who settled in Iceland.

It is a popular hobby in this village to have a beautiful chickens in the back yard.

Hens which can be freely find themselves something to eat during the summer. In the winter it is necessary to give them grain and over the coldest time are then kept inside the cabin.

Hens digging for worms, eating weeds and seeds and so it is good to give them the leftovers home.

Due to the diversity of colors are often held beauty contests for the most beautiful bird.

Chickens typically carry names. People give them all kinds of strange names, like those rooster it is called "Putin"

It can be interesting to care for a baby chicken.