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sunnudagur, 20. október 2019

föstudagur, 18. október 2019

Old house in Eyrarbakki

The house is called "church-house", an old shop and residential building.
The old electrical station, called Odin House

Old fisherman's house, called "Vegamót"

fimmtudagur, 17. október 2019

The Stokkseyri village in fire

On December 9-10, 1926, all the commercial houses in the village of Stokkseyri burned down.

laugardagur, 12. október 2019

National Day

Politicians and trade unions join forces to celebrate. The older flag of Iceland is waved, as the colors of Eyrarbakki

föstudagur, 11. október 2019

The village

The sun is low in the sky and the shadows are long. It's winter and the snow is piling up in the wind.