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Volcanic ash, eruption Eyjafjallajokull 2010

Volcanic eruption, in Eyjafjallajokul which began early on the morning of April 14, 2010 and lasted until 23 May of the same year.

The eruption can be seen good from our village Eyrarbakki.

Fearless villagers continued their work as if nothing had happened.

With respect to the mountains loomed the threat and terror. "Wow, exciting" people said.

Power of the earth, ice and fire

The ash carbon black ahead and imprudent move into the ash cloud.

Although volcanic eruptions are a threat, they are also impressive and beautiful.

When ash falls and is being pushed by the wind, then it penetrates everywhere.

Volcanic eruptions can also be low, as the eruption of the "Fimmvorduhals", which began shortly before midnight on March 20, 2010 and lasted until 13 April of the same year. Tourists liked to see.

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